Olena is a Natural Hair Blogger & Youtuber based out of the NW (USA). She is a divorced mother of two boys. Abdul, who is 22 and 1/2 years old and Tahir, who is 9 years-old. She has worked in the telecommunications & banking industries. She has also done disability insurance, foster parenting, homecare, and worked with adults with behavioral disabilities and fragile medical needs. Olena says life had a way of forcing her to take a seat and learn how to manage her own stress and anxiety while raising a child with special needs.
  • Tell us a little bit about your self-love experience. What did you battle with? How did you overcome it and what are you still struggling with? Let me tell you I have come a long way. From a shy and frail girl who was embarrassed of her gapped from teeth to a woman who has experienced 2 divorces, having kids and a nervous breakdown. I am still a work in progress. With the difficulties of raising a son with special needs, to my own fight against depression and anxiety. Faith has been a giant factor in me learning to love myself and my experiences to catapult me into the woman I am today.
  • Tell us about what you do for work and how you maintain a work-home life balance. Almost 3 years ago I shifted from the corporate world to being a stay-at-home mother due to mental health difficulties of my own. I am single so financially do what I can for my family with funding from Social Security Disability but I refuse to let that define my future. 5 months ago, I started my own Natural Hair Blog and YouTube Channel in a way to go back to what I have enjoyed my entire life, in hopes of eventually making money. Being at home allows me deal with all the appointments, therapies, meetings, and calls from the school without worrying about daycare and scheduling issues. So, my next step in to become and entrepreneur. That way to work on my own self-care and the care of my children.
  • What advice would you want to share with other mothers about self-love and self-care? Do not take yourself for granted. Naturally we are nurturing to others but we seem to put ourselves on the back burner. It is vital to our own well-being to put aside time to replenish our own mind and body. If we don’t your body will have a way of telling you to slow down. Learn to love yourself for yourself and remember how important you are to those around you.
  • Do you have any go-to strategies, tips, books or resources for when you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or doubting yourself. So far, I find it helpful pray. To talk to my therapist. I also use a dry erase board to list the things I need to do throughout the week. I also set different alarms on my phone for my son and appointments. I find social media has been extremely helpful for me to find like-minded individuals who go through some of the day-to-day struggles I do. My blog and YouTube Channel has been way for me to express myself. Being heard this way, has been helpful for my confidence level. Also, wonderful websites like scarymommy.com and themighty.com have been helpful and hilarious forms of help.
  • One piece of advice would you give to your younger self? You don’t have to marry someone to find the love you want and deserve. You first need to learn to love yourself and understand your value.
  • If you could give your children any piece of advice what would it be? It would be to stay open-minded. The world is big, and we must have love for everyone. You are special, so don’t waste time comparing yourself to the people around you.
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  • What are 1-3 mom superpowers that you have and our proud of? I am a special-needs mom. I suffer from depression & anxiety but I am spreading my wings to overcome it while running a household. Lastly, I am a single mother of 2 African-American males who have not fallen into the many traps of our society.
  • What do you really want for Mother’s Day? I want peace of mind and to be financially self-sufficient.
  • What’s your spirit animal? When I think of spirit, I think of God. Now if I had to choose and animal I associate myself with, I chose an eagle. I am currently spreading my wings and am looking to soar and high as I possibly can.
  • What is one thing you want to say to your mother? I don’t know anyone else who can raise as many children as she did and still be the picture of calm and strength the way my mom is.
  • What does being a good mother mean to you? It means supporting and honoring your children’s strengths and reminding them regardless of their difficulties you will always love them.
  • How do you protect your mental health? I am learning to protect my mental health right now with the assistance of medication, my therapist, my faith, and by taking time out to discover new ways to practice self-care.
  • Answer “ If I knew then what I know now….” In reference to becoming a mother. If I knew how challenging motherhood could really get later on in life, I would have taken more time out for my own self-care needs earlier on in life rather than later. But as I tell my children now, learning never stops. It doesn’t matter how old you are, learning never stops.

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