Who is Nikita


Everything springs from Self-Love.  If you can master truly loving yourself you will not be selfish, you will be indestructible. The best part is, it will shine a light on everything and everyone you touch. This is a space for comfort and understanding for the overwhelmed and underappreciated. The home of no judgments, where you can go to vent when you are tired of pretending that everything is ok. Here, we laugh, we pray, we support & we encourage, all while finding ourselves and discovering our purpose. My goal is to help mothers be happy and raise happy children and inspire women to conquer self-love first, so they can attract the love that they deserve. Click here to read my bio.

Welcome to the Self-Love Mama Tribe.


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I AM A GOOD BOY was written to inspire and encourage young boys who struggle with the challenges of ADHD. Breaking the stigma that their hyperactivity and focusing issues make them “bad” and remind them that they are capable, loved and “GOOD”.